Again, I’m just commenting on Greer’s thoughts. Please keep in mind, though, that when the UN or any organization gives worldwide statistics, the averages are driven up by countries where rape isn’t a crime (I know, it should be) or where terrorists, despots, fundamentals and other nasty men go about raping anyone they please (think of Boku Harem). When Greer advises women to “pick your battles,” she’s saying things like sexually offensive comments are not in the same league as violent rape. Charging both offenders gives the same amount of court time to dumb jerks as it does to serious predators. She’s saying concentrate on the predators, stop taking attention away from serious rape with “his catcalls sent me into serious depression and possible PTSD.” Greer isn’t mincing words—not because she’s stopped being a feminist—but because she doesn’t want the cause lost to emotional overkill. That may sound insensitive, but Greer knows her business. She took a lot of flak for “The Female Eunuch.” This time she wants women to be more tactical and less #MeToo, which is doing more harm than good to the movement. Emotional overkill will kill all efforts in the end if women aren’t careful.

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