As I’ve said, Adam, I worked in this arena for 25 years launching numerous drugs in all the categories you mentioned. I know why and how Big Pharma chooses and promotes medicines. Opening up the marketplace, as you’ve suggested, still requires the invention and testing of medicines. Generics can only copy what already exists, and this occurs after the patents run out. Otherwise, it’s up to Big Pharma who, in turn, have to buy biotechs, which often form at universities where scientists make new discoveries. My complaint isn’t with the discoveries. Some are brilliant and do treat diseases effectively. But for the past twenty years, like with most industries, everything is about buying out others and reducing competition. It’s absorbing others, not innovation. Your arguments suggest that all we have to do is reduce regulation, open the market, and everything will flow. It won’t. Big Pharma will continue to absorb for one purpose only—to make huge amounts of money for shareholders. You might call it healthy, but I know this scenario first hand. Big Pharma will do everything to get you and everyone else using as many pharmaceuticals as possible. Overuse of medications is the biggest problem with the American healthcare system. This has been proven compared to single-payer healthcare systems like Australia. Even Trump admitted this is the case. And, I’m sorry, you’re wrong. There is everything about making a profit that excludes helping people, and capitialism has not lifted millions of people out of misery and poverty. America now lists as number 44 in healthcare—which is a failure. Considering America’s wealth, the percentage of families living in poverty is another complete failure. And, again, I will tell you, as someone familiar (too familiar with the healthcare industry), the greatest failure of American healthcare is overuse of medicines. This is the greatest cost and it will not be solved with your arguments (despite your convictions). Sorry, Adam, you’re very wrong.

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I did a poor imitation of Don Draper for 40 years before writing my first novel. I'm currently in the final stages of a children's book. Lucky me.

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