At the risk of sounding serious, you give men more credit than they deserve. While it’s possible (probable) we’re dealing with fragile egos, men work on basic instinct. They see something desirable and they want it. Saying they have millions of ulterior motives suggests the male brain works the same as a female’s. It doesn’t. If we take the creative mind, for instance, the idea of power (as Olivia points out in every episode of Law & Order SVU) isn’t the issue at all. We form our thoughts around beauty, legs, etc. We want the creative experience of being with that person. Hollywood is a crazy mixture of creative and power. For that reason alone, there are going to be more instances of sexual impropriety. It’s the nature of the beast. What we find beautiful, achievable, heartwrending to us is part of the magical world of imagination. To say that makes us predators throws us into the same category as, well, sexual predators. Our mindset simply doesn’t work the same way. Louis CK is a comedian experimenter; he has to know reactions, suggestions, what-ifs. I’m not excusing him, but to say he’s just your typical perv is ridiculous. Pablo Picasso seduced women, Lewis Carroll carried little girl’s panties in his pocket and hung around playgrounds. Henry Miller’s famous (and very dirty) Opus Pistorum, should have him listed as the worse pervert ever, but he wrote it expressly for three Hollywood directors (he was broke and starving in Big Sur). Again, I’m not trying to excuse these men, but few geniuses work on the same intellectual level as normal people. They never have. As I mentioned, Harvey Weinstein was a fat, ugly boy at one time who found a niche in Hollywood. He admired and tried to emulate the old dinosaurs of Hollywood legend. He overshot his power. He was stupid. That said, if women want to throw all men into the same caldron, you’ll be locking up and destroyed geniuses for years. Creative women, the true female creative geniuses, know this and either defend characters like Charlie Rose or Louis CK, or they believe, with these male geniuses out of the way, it’ll be open to them. That’s a very manipulative and vindictive way of looking at things, but the #MeToo Movement is built on manipulation and vindictiveness. Let’s say they bring down Morgan Freeman tomorrow, then someone the day after that, then on and on until we’re all either jailed, broke or dead. Yes, the field (s) will be open for women. Guess what happens then? Women will turn on each other. Every teacher I know, in every school system where women now represent 70 percent of the principals, the teachers (all women) hate it. Eventually, the principals, faced with growing responsibility, turn on them. They protect themselves, they find the guilty, they find victims. I know I’m making gross exaggerations, and there are sexual predators in every field, but power? Fragile egos? You’re applying a woman’s brain to a man’s and figuring since we’re human we’re all the same. It’s just not true.

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I did a poor imitation of Don Draper for 40 years before writing my first novel. I'm currently in the final stages of a children's book. Lucky me.

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