Brian, you make great points except when it comes to the electoral college. The whole idea of the electoral college was to avoid pure democracy, something Jefferson agreed with in principle. Like Franklin, Jefferson wasn’t sure the electoral college would work, simply because elected members could be exposed to influence the same as everybody else (pure democracy fails because of numbers and influence). So, constitutionally speaking, all the Founding Fathers were supporting was theory. This idea that the government must stick to the Constitution and Bill of Rights absolutely (as Ted Cruz claims he wants), ignores true history. The Founding Fathers didn’t expect future governments to be slavish (rather they expected future governments to improve upon it). That we haven’t improved upon it suggests our governments aren’t so much thinkers as practitioners. This past election showed that the electoral college doesn’t necessarily reflect the popular vote or the will of the people. That’s really what should be argued here, not who knows their history better. Thanks for the post.

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