Everything you’ve said is quite true, Avarielle, but why would you say “That’s a white man’s tale to be OK with slavery”? I’ve never met a white man who ever said (or thought) slavery was okay. This idea that we’re all still guilty of something simply because we’re white is reverse racism. Remember how many whites died ending slavery during the Civil War. People who believe we need to build a division between black and white are only creating hatred. What does that achieve? Slavery was the product of corporate interests (plantations) not white people in general. This is no different than Walmart giving black people below minimum wage. Do you believe all whites want black people paid below minimum wage? By generalizing, Avarielle, you forget that today, we all suffer some form of prejudice and discrimination. I’ve been turned down for many jobs because the employer wanted a woman. Am I supposed to hate all women because of this? Please stop believing all the rhetoric going around right now. Whites are not your enemy. The majority of us just want to live peaceful, hopefully equal, lives. As I said, inciting hatred and racism does absolutely nothing. Are there still infractions like “carding”? Yes, but change has to be worked at from both sides. Just like everything.

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