Frankly, EJ, I have no idea. Based on today’s media, it seems we’re all selfish creeps who did horrible things in high school and haven’t learned a thing since. Like you, I devote a long time to foreplay, yet the term “generous lover” relegates us to a tiny percentage of the male population, possibly because we don’t drink beer, black out, or we hug dogs too much. Our efforts in bed are a masculine embarrassment, and the #MeToo movement would rather focus on our ulterior motives for hugging dogs or hamsters. At least our partners appreciate our efforts, and keep quiet during girl’s night out. If they mentioned our typical routine of making orgasms priority #1, they’d be seen as bragging, exaggerating or “batting for the other side.” So, in answer to your question, we’re not normal. We’ll never be on talk shows, or asked to attend rallies. If Shel Silverstein’s “The Giving Tree” could be banned from schools for “demeaning the forestry industry,” what chance have we got? Let’s just keep quiet about this, EJ. On our tombstones, maybe they’re write: “He was a good man (and I mean really good).

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I did a poor imitation of Don Draper for 40 years before writing my first novel. I'm currently in the final stages of a children's book. Lucky me.

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