Have You Ever Been Bonked Deaf?

Is inner ear sex really nirvana? Or are women getting auditorily screwed?

Courtesy of Dreamstime

If you’re bucking around (a good sign, by the way), blood will go to the muscles, too, especially if you decide to stand up — like in the shower.

The better the orgasm, the more blood you need in these areas.

“I spent 8 years with a woman who wanted sex 4–5 times a day,” a guy admitted. “I might have lost hearing because she was screaming.”

“How do you explain your boyfriend went full-on honey badger on your vagina?” the woman wrote.

Besides, there’s no law saying you have to have 13 orgasms just because most of the world is faking it. That’s their problem, not yours.

“Everything readjusts itself,” he said, “usually by lying flat and getting your breathing rate down.”

A few hours in Emergency tends to humble them completely.

I did a poor imitation of Don Draper for 40 years before writing my first novel. I'm currently in the final stages of a children's book. Lucky me.

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