I don’t put much faith in “Big Data” anymore — nor in the pundits who claim they’ve got the “inside track.” Between the two, we’ve seen errors in judgement, errors in logic and errors in temperament. I say “temperament” because that’s all this past election was about. I think it taught us two things: 1) The electorate goes through many shifts, some because of the candidates, but more because of how the media describes these candidates. We no longer take media’s word. In fact, more often than not, voters take the opposite stance, believing the media is acting on their own behalf (which they are). 2) The elites figured they could thumb their noses at the electorate, believing they could have any candidate they wanted. Who was going to stop them? Small business? Gays? Women? That arrogance got them Trump (maybe they think that’s good, but it’s not). If this past election was full of surprises (read popular vote), the new administration is about to shock everyone. Contrary to Trump’s typical bellowing, the Republicans are just as “big business” as the Democrats (possibly more). The elites will simply shift their loyalty, say they always knew the Republicans would win, then expect everything to go along as usual. Except that it won’t. What this election demonstrated (fuck the numbers) was just how pissed people really are. If the Republican battle cry against Hillary Clinton was “more of the same,” America hasn’t seen anything yet. It will be more of the same except with less restriction (read gutting of regulatory agencies like the EPA) along with less wealth distribution. Don’t think for a minute the electorate is getting a savior. They’re getting a businessman, one of “the boys” who’s already put an oil tycoon in charge of energy and a racist in charge of strategy. It took one day after the election for Republican senators to request “reopening” the issue of the XL Pipeline (read quash all legislative resistance). Have fun with this, Michael. It’ll be an interesting and bloodthirsty four years.

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I did a poor imitation of Don Draper for 40 years before writing my first novel. I'm currently in the final stages of a children's book. Lucky me.

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