I like your writing, Holly, but I’m still trying to understand your point. I agree Jill Filopovic’s article appears to be directed at an audience of one; I also agree we’re mostly “farting into our own echo chambers,” but aren’t you farting as well, describing yourself as a Marxist feminist, claiming all white men (all white men, seriously?) have kept women down, and our “milkfed” asses need to be kicked to the curb? The content of your article derides men, yet the only person you quote is Malcolm X (a man, by the way, or is a black man okay in your books?). You’re saying white men have oppressed women from day one (Malcolm would agree), and women still don’t have equality, equal pay, etc. Guess what, Holly? Neither do most white men. We’re all living on crotch dust. And why, if women are tired of oppression, didn’t they vote Hillary Clinton into office? Women represent over half of the voter base in this country, yet where were they (and please don’t say it was those fucking redneck wives). They contributed, sure, but that still leaves a lot of women who didn’t vote for Hillary. They got into the voting booth and decided they couldn’t throw their feminist weight behind a swine. So a bigger swine (Trump) gets elected, and if you thought he was a pussy grabber before, wait till Presidential power kicks in. He’ll be sticking cigars everywhere but up Pence’s ass. Why did this asshole get elected? Women could have stopped him. If you want to quote Malcolm X, Holly, maybe you need to think like him. Rhetoric is still “farting in an echo chamber” if it isn’t followed by some form of action (and please don’t refer to the riots; they’re small and, frankly, a little late, don’t you think?). In other words, Holly, I think you’re swallowing your own bile (just like Jill).

I did a poor imitation of Don Draper for 40 years before writing my first novel. I'm currently in the final stages of a children's book. Lucky me.

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