I’m Bored…Text Me.

Only the boring get bored, unless you’re bored already, which can happen to the best of us.

Courtesy of Pinterest

After World War II, however, things like heat-seeking missiles came along, turning most pilots into hysterical pant wetters.

That still left the rest of us texting, dancercising and coming back from vacations extremely thirty.

If you’re not a “giver,” texting will out you faster than a pink boa over a football jersey.

It might be time to break those boring habits. We need to say to boring people “Stop being bored, or you’ll end up with your cousin.”

Telling people you’re bored is like saying “I’m a basketball player.”

I did a poor imitation of Don Draper for 40 years before writing my first novel. I'm currently in the final stages of a children's book. Lucky me.

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