In the same way we’ve adopted cleaner sources of energy, we should also be looking at alternative forms of maintaining social security. For a government to simple “slice and dice” all forms of security, saying they have no choice, simply shows a lack of interest. Governments that can’t use creative thinking, or can’t read reports like the ones you quoted above, won’t act until retirement debt is so out of hand, white supremists might forget about blacks and immigrants and turn to seniors, calling them “layabouts.” One thing I will say, though, being a Boomer, we have not “planned for our retirement,” thinking it will take care of itself. We’re not children, and governments aren’t our parents. We have to be more responsible for ourselves—and that will be a bigger issue with GenXers, GenYers and Millennials. Governments are proving today that they can’t take care of us, so the idea of “living for today” is unrealistic innocence. Smart people (and I wasn’t one of them) began investing in their security as early as their 20s. People who think that’s dull and boring might find themselves on that bankruptcy list.

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I did a poor imitation of Don Draper for 40 years before writing my first novel. I'm currently in the final stages of a children's book. Lucky me.

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