Ken Starr brings up a good point, one Nancy Polosi no doubt considered when she said she didn’t want to impeach Trump. “I’d rather he went to prison,” she confessed, which you don’t get with impeachment—but you do if you’re prosecuted from crimes against the country. My bet is Trump wants to be impeached, since impeachment only removes him as president. Essentially all his other indiscretions or crimes get swept under the rug in the process. The fact that the Democrats gained seats in Congress while impeachment proceedings were going ahead with Clinton tells us something. I’m not sure impeachment is a “bark with no bite,” but it’s sure better than sitting in prison for tax evasion like Al Capone did. Trump is going to “win” in his own way, and that’s getting out of this the easiest way possible. He doesn’t care about about being the only standing president to be successfully impeached. He’s definitely not a history buff. What he does care about is losing millions—possibly billions—if he’s charged under tax evasion laws. If anyone’s earning their keep these days, it’s got to be Trump’s lawyers. They probably haven’t slept since he got elected—not soundly, anyway. Or maybe they have. They’re lawyers.

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