Loved this piece! I spent over 25 years in pharmaceuticals, and witnessed the launch of Viagra. Once that happened, every pharma company I talked to kept saying, “Why are we spending millions on far-fetched therapies? All you need is a lousy blood pressure drug, re-list it for ED, and you make billions.” From that day forward, interest in new therapies, especially antibiotics, declined drastically. Certainly bioprospecting offers hope as long as the money’s there to qualify any discoveries, and this should be the responsibility of both governments and companies. We also have to look at the scepticism of doctors (some the biggest prescribers of broad spectrum antibiotics) who’d rather stick to what they know, calling the failure to treat resistant pathogens as “just one of those things.” You’d be shocked at how often doctors resist change, simply because they’re uncomfortable. Anyway, nice piece here. I want to read more about bioprospecting. Thanks.

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