Maggie, first of all, I’m not saying there are not still inequalities that must change, but let me address my industry: advertising. Today, more and more women are achieving higher positions. In fact, over 70 percent of our industry is populated by women. If that represents an advance, then I’m glad. But keep in mind, there is also reverse discrimination where men are not even considered for positions anymore. I’ve lost out on many contracts because the person hiring openly admitted that the creative director was really looking for a woman. On one project, another freelance copywriter — a woman — uncut my estimate (by quite a bit). I asked her how she was able to do that, and she said “My husband makes good money.” Well, I don’t have anyone supplementing what I make, nor am I in a position to shrug and say “Good for you. I’m glad a woman got this contract.” I think the rhetoric today — and a lot of it is rhetoric — remains very one-sided, and to say, “Well, now you know what it feels like,” suggests that I’m a guilty party. I’ve always paid women as much as men. It never occurred to me to do anything else.

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