Since most people believe “everything is fine” as long as they’re paying the bills, the idea of fulfillment doesn’t carry much weight. Parents tell their children, “Just get a job that supports you and your family.” As economies change and conglomerates force out the smaller players, the idea of job satisfaction no longer applies. As one woman wrote me one time: “You marry, you have kids, you pay the mortgage, you pay the bills, you give them an education. Job done.” How many people feel this way? I would say the majority. I would also conclude that our health suffers as a result. We blame smoking and diet and obesity, forgetting that our own stagnation is probably the biggest threat. My grandfather retired from Underwood at the age of seventy-two. He died a year later. Something to think about. Thanks for the post.

I did a poor imitation of Don Draper for 40 years before writing my first novel. I'm currently in the final stages of a children's book. Lucky me.

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