Something tells me this is your speech in Japan, Erik, and I agree with most of it. I’ve fought for a while now over whether AI will replace the creative process (advertising, etc.) Actually, creatives, writers, artists, will probably be the least affected. As you mention, the real threat is to the “typical taskers” those doing work, like lawyers, where so much is jurisprudence or “rule of law.” It seems a relatively simple exercise to input all case histories into a computer, all the precedents, and draw the legal conclusion from any case without judges, juries or even lawyers. The same with civil service. I remember a young account woman saying proudly to a client one time: “I do exactly what I’m told to do.” Seems to me, those are the people who should—and are—worried the most. Imagine if computers replace “yes men.” Again, seems simple enough. A robot can nod as well as a person. I’m sure half of President Trump’s staff could be replaced by a “nodding robot.” Who knows? The future could be robots replacing everyone who lives by the motto: “I’m just doing my job.” Thanks for the post, Erik, and good luck in Japan.

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