Took me a while to get through this, Jordan. As I mentioned, movements can serve the greater good—but they can also do enormous damage. We’re giving women a voice, we’re paying attention to disparities—this is what we define now as a civilized, caring society. Whether these movements have ulterior motives brought on by the Far Left or Far Right, the situation had to exist in order to be turned into a movement. At the same time, As Tucker Carlson pointed out last week in “Men In America,” we have another crisis on our hands, caused directly and indirectly by today’s movements and the general perception that “white men are the cause of all our problems.” Today, over 70% percent of suicides are white males. Testosterone levels are down 30%, divorce rates have increased by 20% in the last 15 years alone. This morning, a fertility clinic in Ohio lost 2,000 sperm samples and embryos because a refrigerator broke down. Carlson concluded his show by saying, “We need both men and women in our society. They work together.” Despite the need for greater awareness and greater equality, enormous damage has been done in the interest of political motive. Women will have their voice, but here’s where it will end up. Let’s take The Weinstein Company as an example. Harvey was outed. Good. The company goes under. Bad. Investors want to buy it and make it “female-centric.” Who are the investors? Men. The deal just went south. There might be another buyer, but a company has been lost. A company that made movies—some very good ones. Fear is going to take casualties and create sameness like never before. We’re about to become an innocuous society, thinking we’ve made great inroads, but we’re destroying everything at the same time. I suggested in an article that Oprah, Streep, Witherspoon and others could buy The Weinstein Company. No comments, no takers. Why not? Why not have a fully owned female movie studio? This—and many other things—confuse the hell out of me. But I see tremendous danger on the horizon. I hope other people do, too.

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I did a poor imitation of Don Draper for 40 years before writing my first novel. I'm currently in the final stages of a children's book. Lucky me.

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