Why I’m Leaving The Medium Partner Program.

I’d rather people read me for free (I guess).

Robert Cormack
3 min readApr 4, 2023
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You’re coooooookooo.” Mourning dove on the wire out front.

I’m not against writing for money. As H.L. Mencken once said: “Only a fool writes for anything other than money.”

What I am against is paying to write (Mencken would faint).

Let me tell you my story: Up until about eight months ago, I earned a modest amount through The Medium Partner Program.

I knew at the time I wasn’t the most popular writer. Compared to others claiming they were earning thousands a month, I was like a mourning dove picking at seeds below the bird feeder.

I was in around the four hundred dollars a month range. Sometimes less—sometimes quite a bit less. I didn’t mind at the time. The money obviously had to go to the big hitters, not the mourning doves.

I even paid my membership loyally, and those who eventually subscribed to my posts, I thanked (not profusely, mourning doves don’t do that).

I’m still very grateful, and please don’t think I’m leaving you in the lurch. My posts are now free. Read all you want on me.

So, what’s happened? Why am I deserting The Medium Partner Program after years of faithful service (averaging six articles a month)?

Quite simple. I can’t afford it. I just got my Visa statement and found out my membership was renewed at $74.69 for the year.

Trouble is, last month, I only earned $6.99. The month before that wasn’t much better. I haven’t been curated in years (I think my last curated piece was called “People You Shouldn’t Eat”). That had gourmands in a flap.

Things have certainly changed since then, I’ll tell you.

Watching my MPP payments go down to such miniscule levels, you’d think I’d be burning up. Had I stopped being a “good” writer? Were they going to take away the gold star next to my name? Were the Medium staff too embarrassed to tell me I’m just not cutting it anymore?

Funnily enough, I’m still published regularly in The Shadow Magazine and Betterism. Past posts can also be found on FreeThinkr, Blank Page, Plan B Vibe and Arts & Marketing.

Well, I’m too old to say “What the fuck?!!!” since my wife doesn’t like bad language, and frequently admonishes me for being “too steamy.”

I immediately think of dumplings.

I’m terrible with numbers (again, according to my wife), but I am sure if I subtract my earnings from my membership, there’s very little left for dumplings, let alone foods of greater vitamin-rich variety.

Suffice to say, I’ve reached the fork in the road and, supposedly when you get to one, the experts say, “Take it.”

So I’m going back to where I started eight years ago, offering my articles, stories and satire for free.

To my small—but faithful—subscribers, thanks a bunch. I’ll keep writing, and I hope you enjoy my work in the future (did I mention free).

To Medium, all the best. I’ll stay away from saying anything “too steamy,” since my wife reads everything and isn’t afraid to apply a ruler to my backside (not as much fun as it sounds). She’s ruthless, and could come after any of you in a heartbeat. I’ll keep her mellow as long as possible.

Good luck to the rest of you.

Robert Cormack is a satirist, novelist, blogger and journalist in the process as we speak of upgrading his website: robertcormack.net. Please feel free to pop by. I’ll certainly answer any comments if I’m not eating dumplings or listening to the mourning doves on the wire out front.

Me in the proverbial doghouse after something “steamy.”



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